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LAW CORE is unique in offering the facility to each and every regulated claims management company to advertise their services directly to the law firms that handle their particular claim type.

You can provide as little or as much information as you like on your own company allowing solicitors to see what you offer at a click of a mouse button. You can have dedicated enquiry email addresses and links to your own website.

You can search a database of over 3500 solicitors by location, by name or by the types of claim they handle. You can either await the enquiries from solicitors or you can proactively contact the solicitors in your area who deal with your types of claim.

You can access the same insurer and funder/medical agency database as the solicitors to approach them for marketing or to build your own package to offer to solicitors.

The Compensation Act of 2006 and claims regulation should be seen as a positive step forward. It will give more confidence to solicitors looking for new sources of work.

Law Core wants to build on this to provide a one stop shop for solicitors looking for work by giving them direct access (rather than speculative letters to everyone on the list) to you and your supplies of work.

To register your details and become a member it will cost just 50 a month. This is paid up front annually in the sum of 600.

We are sure that even if you get just one new solicitor taking work from you that it will be money well spent.

To register and subscribe please enter here. You complete a form and arrange payment of the annual fee and then you receive your user name and password - you can be scouring the database within 24 hours.