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Law Core was conceived to help solicitors secure work from claims management companies.

The implementation of the Compensation Act 2006 and the introduction of claims regulation was always going to make the market for claims smaller as businesses who could not comply with the regulations dropped out. This has been exacerbated with the tougher stance of the SRA in weeding out claims providers who do not meet their code of conduct. They are currently undertaking an exercise in scrutinising the agreements between solicitors and their suppliers to ensure strict compliance with the code.

At the moment the only full list of regulated suppliers is on the Ministry of Justice claims regulation website but this only provides names and addresses and the area of law they offer claim types for.

What if these claims companies provided details of the claim types, the cost, details of whether there are any tie-ins, the method they use to advertise and a link direct to their marketing manager?

Law Core offers this and much, much more.

You can search for work suppliers based on name, location, the cost of claims and by claims type. For example you could search for companies based in Manchester that provide industrial disease claims between £500 and £700 pounds. The possibilities are numerous.

You can gather your own basket of suppliers and then compare them on screen. Once you have chosen the ones to contact you can email them at the click of your mouse asking them to contact you to provide further information. In some cases you can go straight to their own website.

This is just one facet of what Law Core can do for your practice.

Perhaps one of your fee earners is looking for a forensic accountant or accident reconstruction expert. They can search by location or by name for a list of their desired experts. They may want a specialist medical expert. Type in the category of expert and the required location and get a list of available experts.

Funding and insuring claims has in the past relied on firms approaching lawyers. Using Law Core you can contrast and compare rates, premiums, levels of cover and indemnity before contacting them.

Perhaps the most useful resource will be the Lawyers Forum where you can specifically ask questions about suppliers or post information for other lawyers on suppliers that you have used. The forum is entirely secure and will be invaluable in sorting out which suppliers provide the best service.

All this and more as we add new features to make your life and that of your practice so much easier.

The cost of registering to use the website and itís resources is just £50 per month. This is paid up front as a one off annual payment of £600.

We can also offer advertising space if you want to advertise on the website for particular types of work or particular services you can offer other solicitors. For a banner advert it is just £100 per month.

To register and subscribe please enter here. You complete a form and arrange payment of the annual fee and then you receive your user name and password - you can be scouring the database within 24 hours.