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LAW CORE has a dedicated forum for solicitors.

Once you have registered you will receive a password and user name. This will allow you to access the forum.

The forum is only open to fellow registered solicitors and provides what will quickly become an invaluable tool in helping you to decide which claims management companies provide the best service.

You can search the forum for listings of any firms you are interested in and read the feedback from solicitors that have tried the source before. It is secure so that claims companies will never have access to what information is exchanged.

If there are no listings you can post your own enquiries seeking reassurance from other lawyers that the source is reliable.

You can also access other threads about funders, insurers and medico-legal agencies.

You can discuss legal articles or ask for advice on legal situations. You can post recent legal decisions and monitor other legal developments. You can even arrange social events with other firms or solicitors.

The forum is automatically available when you register to list your practice. You can have as many individual users in your practice as you like. Just specify when registering so that your individual fee earners can access the entire site with their own user name and password.

New features will continue to be added with separate forum areas so that your can add your thoughts to everything from reviews of cars and dealerships to restaurants and hotels.

To register and subscribe please enter here. You complete a form and arrange payment of the annual fee and then you receive your user name and password - you can be scouring the database within 24 hours.