Medical Accidents Limited

The Medical Accident Group was established in March 2006 to provide potential claimants access to justice for claims involving medical or clinical negligence. This can range from a misdiagnosis to cosmetic surgery that has gone wrong, cerebral palsy to surgical error. The company has been advertising on terrestrial and satellite television with a range of adverts. The adverts can be viewed by visiting the website listed below. The website also provides useful information to potential claimants about how to initiate a claim. The Medical Accident Scheme involves panel membership and a monthly management fee. On top of this fee the individual solicitor can choose how much to spend on media to broadcast the adverts. The whole panels media spends are consolidated and media is purchased on a mix of national and regional channels. The adverts are broadcast and these generate enquiries from potential claimants which are handled by a call centre. The enquiry is then sent to the panel members by email. There is no vetting, tie-ins to insurance, funding or medical agencies or cherry picking. The enquiries are allocated by computer software on a rotational basis. Please contact us by email at or by telephone on 0161 6134714 - contact name Mr Ian Barlow.
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